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Earth Pyramids of Platten

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  • City: PERCA
  • Country: ITALY

The earth pyramids in Platten, known as the Erdpyramiden von Platten or Erdpyramiden bei Oberwielenbach in the original German are both hidden and wondrous. Initially formed hundreds of years ago by massive storms, these stunning geological aberrations shift and alter with the changing of the seasons to this day, as the temperature moves between the extremes. Many of the spires even sport small boulders balanced on their pinnacles. Some of the spires disappear from time to time, but more eventually appear. 

While they look not unlike some sort of massive earthen art installation, the pyramids are completely natural. In contrast to the lush greenery all around them, the pyramids stand out even more, made of light colored sand and rock. Even from the air, they pop out like a white blotch in a field of green trees.

Surprisingly, these are not the only earth pyramids in Europe, but they are some of the most jaw-dropping. They might look like they are from Mars, but they are just over in Italy.


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